A Magical Trio For Fast And Lasting Results.

Turn Back The Clock On Aging,

Restoring Your Skin Back To Your Youthful Glow,

Balancing The Natural Oils In Your Skin.

For Women And Men.



Age Well Anti-Aging & Firming Face oil 

Lush microfiber exfoliating Face wash cloth is recommended for best results.


Restoring Body Moisturizer Oils is now available in 3 sents.

Alluring Ylang Ylang,

Invigorating Sweet Tangerine 

Lavender Lime Relaxer.

List your choice of Body Oil

Valkyrie's Age Well Restoring Face oil firms & tightens skin, good for thin or fragile skin, mature and aging skin, depleted and tired skin, oily and dry skin, youthful or old skin. minimizes pores, scaring, broken capillaries, rashes, sun damage, blackheads. 



Restoring Body Oils tightens skin, good for thin or fragile skin. Minimizes stretch marks, cellulite, scaring, age spots, creepy skin, broken capillaries. Relieves dryness, cracked skin, rashes, itching & irritation. Promotes restful sleep when applied before bed.
To see instructions for use click on Beauty Care. 

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1oz Age Well+Cloth 2oz Body= $45.00


2oz Age Well+Cloth 4oz Body= $65.00

2oz Age Well+Cloth 8oz Body= $77.00



4oz Age Well+Cloth 4oz Body= $88.00

4oz Age Well+Cloth 8oz Body= $100.00

Age Well Face & Body Trio

$45.00 Regular Price
$40.50Sale Price
  • Who is it for: For mature skin. Women & men over 35 and all skin types. ( See Renewing Combo Pkg. for Young skin under 35)

    How it works: Use it as your daily routineNot unlike leather, our skin needs oil to clean and moistureize to remain supple. Oils & healing Icelandic herbs dissolve the old dirty bacteria filled oil (because oil dissolves oil) from your skin so you can wipe it away and leave behind clean cell food oils and herbs that clean, nourish, moisturize, heal and restore your skin to its natural beauty.

    Why is it different? It is Hand crafted organic, chemical and cruelty free, made with love and care. A deep moisturizer and cleanser that replaces your cleansers, soaps, makeup remover, lotions, moisturizers, butters and creams that are usually filled with chemicals and toxins that dry out, harm and age your skin! This oil goes on silky smooth and is absorbed very quickly, without leaving a greasy feeling, instantly hydrating, moisturizing and restoring your skin to it's natural beauty. It is made in small batches so you get a fresh product.                            Your skin will love you for it.

    Organic Ingredients:
    Restoring Face: Moroccan Argan, Rosehip, Jojoba, Grape seed, Sweet Almond, Tamanu Foraha, Castor oils & Vitamin E. infused with Healing Wild Icelandic Herbs: Yarrow & Mountain Grass. Vitamin E aids in protecting the skin and is also a natural preservative. That's it, no hidden chemicals.

    Each kind of oil and herb has its own characteristics and its own benefit to the skin. There is no single type of oil that carries all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidents needed to the skin. So getting the right oil blend gives your skin the utmost of nourishment than using one type of pure oil. I blend and ifuse my oils in a certain ratio that helps the skin to absorb all the vitamins and minerals needed for it's nourishment.

    Invigorating Sweet Tangerine: Moroccan Argan, Evening primrose, Camellia seed, Jojoba, Wall Nut and Sweet Almond and Vitamin E Oils.  Extracts from: Chamomile , Gingko biloba, Geranium, Calendula & Aloe Vera. Infused With Icelandic Herbs: Mountain Grass & Yarrow. Theraputic Essential Sweet Tangerine Oil.


    Uplifting Ylang Ylang: Grape Seed, Corn Flower, Sunflower, Olive, Wall Nut, Avocado, Sweet Almond oil, Bitter Almond, Jojoba, Coconut, Sesame oil, Argan, Mustard, Rose Hip Seed and Vitamin E Oils.  Extracts from: Ginseng, Olive Leaf, Hibiscus Flower, Neem Leaf, Lemon Grass, Oat, Chamomile, Gingko biloba, Calendula, St John Wort, Aloe Vera.Infused With Icelandic Herbs: Mountain Grass & Yarrow. Theraputic Essential Ylang Ylang oil.

    Lavender Lime Relaxer: Jojoba, Grape Seed, Evening primrose, Cotton seed, Avocad, Sweet Almond, Bitter Almond, Coconut, Sesame, Argan, Camellia seed, Rose Hip Seed & Vitamin E Oils. Extracts from: Ginseng, Olive Leaf, Hibiscus Flower, Neem Leaf , Lemon Grass, Oat, Chamomile, Gingko biloba, Calendula, St John Wort & Aloe Vera. Infused With Icelandic Herbs: Mountain Grass & Yarrow. Theraputic Essential Lavender & Lime oils.

    This product shelf life is up to 6 months at room temperature or 8 months or longer if kept in the fridge.
    You will use your Valkyrie Oils within 1 to 4 months with daily use depending on size ordered.
    Click on Natures ingredients and or Beauty Steps for more information.
    Free of: 
    GMO, mineral oil, acrylamide, sulfates, PTFE, polyethylene glycol, alcohol, BHT, TEA, parabens, phthalates, fragrances, dyes, toluene, stearate, petrochemicals & most common allergens and Chemical Preservatives.  
    Statements contained here in have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease or substitute care by a medical practitioner. All recommendations are believed to be effective, but since actual use of this product is beyond our control and can vary from individual to individual, no guarantee as to the effects of their use can be given nor liability taken.



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