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Tangerine Shaving oil

Hand Crafted Organic Chemical & Cruelty Free

Simplify your shaving experience and minimize irritation, ingrown hairs and redness.

For both men and women


How to use

● Wet the area to be shaved thoroughly

● Apply a generous amount to sufficiently cover the hair and work into the hair with fingertips

● Shave as usual, rinsing the blade under hot water between strokes then wash shaver with soap when done. No rinsing needed.

Pat dry and you're done.


Organic  Ingredients: Grape seed,  Camellia Oil, Castor, Rosehip, Moroccan Argan, Jojoba, Tamanu Foraha oils &  Vitamin E.

Infused Healing Wild Icelandic  Herbs: Mountain Grass & Yarrow and Essential Tangerine oil 4. oz.

Tangerine Shaving Oil