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How To Cleanse & Moisturize Your Face
Replaces all your facial skin care products with only 1 bottle & 2 easy steps!

Why it works:

Oil cleanses oil.

Our skin is leather and it needs the right oil & herb blend to deep clean, moisturize, and balance our natural protective oils. The oils in our skin help protect us from the sun, environment, and harmful bacteria. 

That's why I developed my oil & herb blend to deep clean, moisturize, and balance the skins natural protective oils. Using Valkyrie oils will restore your skin while adding protection from the sun, environment, and bacteria.


Use the face oils as your moisturizer and under makeup between cleansing.

Use the body oils instead of Lotion to moisturize your skin.

Valkyrie Pro Tip:

You can wash the exfoliating

cloth along with your towels.


How to cleanse and moisturize your face

1. Before you wet your face, pump a couple of pumps of oil onto your fingers and massage face, neck and chest, gently around eyes and eyelashes 

(stimulates eyelash growth and does not hurt if it goes into eyes)

2. Wring out your exfoliating cloth (comes free with  Combo Sets) in warm water, wipe in circular motion to ex foliate, removes makeup and old bacteria filled oils.

Reapply a few drops to face, neck and chest to moisturize. It absorbs quickly and leaves you with plump, glowing, revitalized, hydrated and nourished skin.

Wash cloth out with soap and dry for next use.

Use what is left on your fingers and massage on the back of your hands to minimize sun damage, age spots or your hair to minimize fizzy hair.


Try the oils alone for 2 weeks. You do not need to use other cleansers or moisturizers to restore, protect and clear your skin of built-up impurities.


In the rare case, you might see some breakouts as impurities leave your pores, just like you would after getting a facial.

For a Revitalized Body:
Cleanse & Moisturize from Sholders to Toe

Moisturize every day with Valkyrie Body Oils instead of lotion. Apply to your entire body after your shower or anytime during the day as needed for added moisture like on arms, neck. chest, and or legs. Also great to heal dry and cracked feet and  excellent to use before bed to help relax and for a more restful night. and let Valkyrie Oils heal while you sleep. 





Cleanse and Moisturize your entire body with the Body Oil


For everyday cleanseing and moisturize

Step into the Shower or Bath with your Body Oil and massage your whole body with oil. then towel  dry.

Leavies you feeling clean and moisturized.

Once in a while follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Step into the Shower or Bath with your Body Oil and massage your body with oil.

Then take your Lush exfoliating cloth (comes free with Face & Body Combo Sets) and rub your body in circular motion ( no soap) while rinsing your skin to clean off old oils from pores and dead skin. Wash cloth out with soap and dry for next use.


 This will leave you with a luxurious skin, feeling baby soft without any use of scrubs that scratch and damage your skin.


Step 2


Towel dry your body (a good towel drying also exfoliates and cleans your skin) and apply Valkyrie Body Oils all over your body just like you would a lotion, It will absorb quickly and leave you with plump, revitalized, hydrated, polished and nourished skin.


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