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The Morning Show Krqe Channel 13
Albuquerque, NM

Bonnie is interviewed by the Morning Brew Show.

She shows how to apply the products.   

(Interview Starts at 1:38)

Oils soak into my skin and leaves it feeling dewy not greasy.


I have been using the Valkyrie Oils for several months now, and am very happy with the way the oils make my skin feel. The oils soak into my skin and leaves it feeling dewy not greasy. I use it in the morning under my sunscreen and makeup, and at night I put it on before bed. Great stuff.


K D, Sandia Park, NM

59 years old

I'm not disappointed!​

I moved to New Mexico earlier this year and struggled with the high altitude and dry climate. I met Bonnie at the State Fair and was excited about using the anti-aging restoring oil. I was not disappointed! I experienced almost immediate results and I love the way it makes my skin feel!

Melonie -  Albuquerque, NM

Fantastic! No acne and no more itchy skin!


FANTASTIC for thirsty dry skin! As much as I love our desert climate and sunny beautiful days…my skin doesn’t. I’ve tried numerous name brand moisturizers with zero success. Many actually caused my skin break out (nothing like having acne at 40+) and most were expensive. I even started making my own essential oil and coconut oil based moisturizers, which were helpful but I felt like they were still too oily. My Valkyrie Restoring Oils have been the perfect balance for my face and body! No acne and no more itchy skin…’s such a blessing.


Jennifer Abernathy -  Albuquerque, NM

The wrinkles seem to be lessening!


I love the face oil for cleansing and I use it for moisture when I go to bed.  I am seeing some results in deep wrinkles on my cheek, and one in particular. 

The wrinkles seem to be lessening. I also love the oil for bathing, it really feels good and keeps my skin moist. Thanks for your great product.

Margie Armstrong - Albuquerque, NM

I have struggled with dry, flaky patches in the winter


I have been using the face oil since October 2014. I love it! I have struggled with dry skin year round and with dry, flaky patches in the winter. Dry skin is gone and the patches did not appear this winter. I was skeptical about cleansing with oil as it seems counterintuitive, but it works! So easy.


Courtney B. Albuquerque, NM

40 years old













I am a victim of the American Southwest dry air. . . 

I became discouraged with the products available at the counters of department stores and reconciled to a future of alligator skin. That is until I met Bonnie and tried her Valkyrie Restoring Oils and her Icelandic magic! The results were immediate and I could go cold turkey off the facial soaps which dried my skin out. Most days, I don't wear makeup now and still feel quite comfortable in my own restored skin. By the way, her lip balms are also natural and quite restoring in addition to smelling great. I tell all my friends to treat themselves to her products, which are quite affordable. They can see the difference for themselves. if you're like me, you've gazed upon the faces of European women, who have the most vibrant healthy facial complexions with color seeming to emanate from under the skin seemingly without unnatural makeup powders and blushes. As one of the oldest women in my yoga class and a victim of the American Southwest dry air,

Cynthia A. Sandia Park, NM

68 years old

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